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You think you know culture, history and faith? Then you'll love uwitdaily.™ It's a new trivia experience that encourages your heart and expands your mind.

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Modern culture, history and biblical faith intersect in this new trivia game that expands your heart and mind.


Know something. Score!
Learn something. Score!
Share something. Score! Reward yourself by playing.


See how seemingly irrelevant factoids can help you find joy, grow spiritually and learn winning strategies for life.

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Add trivia questions

Share your favorite brain teasing, mind bending trivial pursuits. We'll let you know when it's featured in uwitdaily™ 

Beta test the game

Like finding bugs and making helpful suggestions? Sign up and together we can make the uwitdaily™ game experience unreal.

Get ready to game for the soul.

Coming soon to the app store near and dear to you.

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