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uWit is an entirely new social media experience that's witty, inspirational, purpose-driven and politics-free.

Social media redeemed

Hello uWit

Discover the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one interface that delivers:

faith-driven social media

trusted bible content

volunteer opportunities

a politics-free zone


Tired of politics? Done with divisiveness? Bored with mindless scrolling? Guess what? You're not alone.

uWit is a politics-free social media space. The place to be encouraged. Equipped. Challenged to become your best self.

truth over tradition

Are you a fan of old-school Christian tradition? Prefer contemporary expressions of faith and worship? That's great.

Your spiritual journey is unique. Come explore your faith, dive deep and learn from trusted biblical content.


Want a better world? Want to oppose injustice? Want to bring hope to the hurting? So do we!

Move from the couch to compassion.™ Connect to your favorite charities and churches. Serve out your passion.


Stay in the know.

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Redemptive Social Media

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uWit™ is a new social media experience that equips God's people with the most trusted biblical resources and engages them in God-given purpose. We collaborate with Bible-based churches, content contributors and charitable organizations. 

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