Where social media friends discipleship and volunteering

faith-driven, politics-free

Tired of politics? Done with divisiveness? Frustrated with the attention economy? Guess what? You're not alone.

uWit is an ad- and politics-free social media space. The place to be encouraged. Equipped. Challenged to become a disciple.

bibical truth over tradition

Old-school Christian tradition? Contemporary expression of faith and worship? Both are welcome on uWit. 

uWit is the place for faith to be explored and spiritual growth to flourish. Because we serve trusted biblical content like yours.

mobilizing volunteers

Want a better world? A place that opposes injustice and brings hope to the hurting? That's a uWit community vision!

uWit endeavors to move people from the pew to purpose, enabling them to volunteer with churches and charities.

No other social media platform is designed from the ground up to enhance Christian community and discipleship while engaging people in serving.

Happy Couple

Reaching the next generation is mission critical. The digital highway is next stop.
Join the uwitiverse™ and let's redeem the 8th continent — social media — together.