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Artist with Paintbrushes
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Contest Entry

We can't wait to see your creative solutions to this quarter's contest theme — Biblical Unity. Winners will be notified on Month XX, XXXX. Before you enter, check out our contest rules.

Step 1: Tell us about yourself

Step 2: Tell us about your art


Is your art original? 


All artwork will be run through a variety of programs to determine its originality. Using other resources to create artwork does not automatically disqualify a submission from the competition. However, we require additional information to properly credit the source artwork. Artwork that does not include original resource references or is created from creative commons or google images will be rejected.


FREE STOCK:  Please provide URL to the source file.
PURCHASED IMAGERY: Please provide URL to source file; we will contact you to provide proof of purchase.

MODEL RELEASE: If your art includes models, we will contact you for a model release.

Step 3: Upload your art

Upload File

For files larger than 15MB

Sorry! This contest has ended. Stay tuned for the next contest. And while you're at it, vote for the other participants.
Contest Rule
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