Social Media with a Purpose™

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uWit® Redemptive Social Media™ is the social media app the Christian community has been waiting for. Our audience will be searching for your voice, your content and your influence. Learn how uWit can elevate your ministry impact and increase your exposure in this exciting, new faith-driven social networking app.

Discover a dedicated social media platform designed to move the Good News from the pavement to pixels. 

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Discover the first-of-its-kind, all-in-one interface to deliver



Tired of politics? Done with divisiveness? Bored with mindless scrolling? Guess what? You're not alone.

uWit is a politics-free social media space. The place to be encouraged. Equipped. Challenged to become your best self.

truth over tradition

Are you a fan of old-school Christian tradition? Prefer contemporary expressions of faith and worship? That's great.

Your spiritual journey is unique. Come explore your faith, dive deep and learn from trusted biblical content.


Want a better world? Want to oppose injustice? Want to bring hope to the hurting? So do we!

Move from the couch to compassion.™ Connect to your favorite charities and churches. Serve out your passion.


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