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Real People. Real Truth. Real Impact.

uWit® is designed to help you discover truth, develop spiritual community and engage in God-given purpose.

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social media that's encouraging

Join people of every Christian denomination in a space that's committed to kindness and respecting differences. Explore and deepen your faith in an encouraging, politics-free space. 

meet up with friends, family, charities and churches 

build relationships that inspire and encourage spiritual growth

enjoy meaningful content as you wisely use your time

a safe space to explore your faith

uWit Trusted Bible Content

Explore your beliefs and deepen your faith — at your pace and in your space. Learn what the Gospel is really about from trusted resources. Discover churches and communities that love the Jesus way.

choose your own spiritual path and learn at your own pace

study trusted biblical content from dynamic teachers

be inspired by faith-driven devotionals every single day

uWit Volunteers Charities Serving

leave a lasting impression

Use your time, talent and treasure to collectively change the world. Participate with mission-focused charities and churches to bring lasting change to your community.

find the perfect volunteer gig

track your volunteer serving hours

make an impact on your community